Justin becomes an Avenger

Justin’s one true wish was to meet his favorite superheroes – an incredibly fitting wish given that Justin demonstrated superhuman strength when faced with the intensive treatment for his rare cancer (Burkitt’s Lymphoma).

The journey to Justin’s wish being granted by Make-A-Wish® was made even more exciting when he learned that he wasn’t just going to meet superheroes – he was going to become one too! This didn’t quite sink in until he arrived at the exclusive Marvel’s Avengers Academy on board the Disney Magic cruise ship and saw how big and extravagant everything was; Justin’s jaw dropped and he exclaimed “OMG!”

Inside Marvel’s Avengers Academy elite command post on the open seas, Justin took part in top-secret superhero training that included virtually wearing one of Iron Man’s suits and meeting Captain America. He then had to “save the ship” with his new found superhero talents. When Justin had a private walk around the Avengers facility he couldn’t contain his excitement, running around in his Captain America outfit and taking as many pictures as he could.

During the cruise, what Justin said he most enjoyed was the freedom. He was able to do what he wanted, when he wanted, and he certainly wanted to do it all! He even tried snorkeling for the first time. Justin’s parents told us they saw an independent and adventurous side of Justin they’d never known before.

Justin’s family is extremely important to him, so much so that he wouldn’t dream of not including them in anything he did. Justin was able to share his magical wish experience with his parents and younger twin sisters. Justin’s parents told us this was the first time the entire family was able to truly relax and take a vacation since Justin’s life-changing diagnosis.

“During Justin’s wish, everyone involved was great – from the folks at our hotel to everyone on the cruise. The people at WestJet were also amazing. Everyone from the Pilot to the cabin crew truly made Justin feel special. You have really made a difference in our lives and took what was a tough experience for our son and family and gave us all a wonderful experience to cherish for the rest of our lives.” - Justin’s parents

Justin and his family would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Coffee Culture for adopting his wish and Make-A-Wish® Toronto & Central Ontario for creating this amazing experience just for him!

In addition to Disney Cruise Line, special thanks go to A Celebrity Limousine, WestJet, TuGo, Comfort Inn Suites and Sony Canada.

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