Kate's wish helps her chase her goals

Kate is an athletic teen who loves to get her endorphins from biking and running. She has enjoyed competing in biathlons and her latest goal is to one day participate in a triathlon for the first time.

Kate struggles with her critical illness, cystic fibrosis, which requires daily physiotherapy to clear her lungs, close to 50 pills and a special diet to help her digest food properly. This is a lot for anyone to handle, but Kate hasn’t let these extreme obstacles stop her from living an active lifestyle and continuing to challenge herself to accomplish more. Her drive to excel is truly remarkable and shows that kids with cystic fibrosis can follow their dreams.

When Kate learned that she was eligible for a wish, she only had one wish in mind - to have her very own competitive road bike. Kate was ecstatic the day her wish was granted and she immediately started planning her training schedule. We learned from Kate that it's common practice to give your bike a name and she chose Klaus. The name means "the people's victory" and implies someone who serves their community and devotes themselves to the greater good. It sounds like Kate has big goals for her future and we’re thrilled to see her going after them!

Kate was incredibly grateful to Make-A-Wish and her volunteer wish granters, “Thank you for this incredible experience. I’m so excited to go for a ride soon.”

When a wish is granted, it does much more than bring joy to a child’s heart. For kids like Kate, who are faced with critical illnesses, a wish-come-true provides them with strength to battle through darkness and gives them hope for healthier, happier days ahead.

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