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  • 5 Questions with The Musket Transport Ltd.


The Musket Transport Ltd has been a Make-A-Wish® Toronto & Central Ontario partner since 2017, helping to grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. In 2018, they engaged in the Adopt-A-Wish® program, supporting wishes for local children. The Musket Transport Ltd has raised an incredible $15,000 over the last two years.

We had the opportunity to speak with Sophia Sniegowski, Product & Product Manager, about the company’s involvement with Make-A-Wish® and what the future holds for this Make-A-Wish partnership. 

1. Why is Make-A-Wish your ideal charity partner?
We are proud to be affiliated with a well-established charity that provides transparency and accountability. It was very important for our President & CEO to connect with a charity that would allow the entirety of our fundraising efforts to directly benefit a child in need.

2. Tell us about how you started your employee payroll deduction program.
This was the brainchild of our Senior Driver Manager, Rob Smith, who wanted to provide a quick-and-easy method to involve as many drivers as possible in our fundraising efforts. Although we have committed to hosting company BBQs throughout the spring and summer seasons, many drivers are only able to attend one or two because of scheduling. Rob first suggested the driver payroll deduction method for a personal fundraiser we organized for one of our drivers in need. As it was a singular event, the majority of our drivers were unable to attend. Rob volunteered to spearhead the project and administered driver payroll deductions. It was a huge success. We decided that providing this opportunity to our drivers near the close of our campaign may also yield great results, which it did. The amount Rob was able to raise this way surpassed the amount collected at our BBQs and office donation boxes combined.

3. How did fundraising bring your colleagues together?
Many drivers were thankful for the opportunity to donate. The role of the long-haul professional driver does tend to disconnect them from daily interactions with support staff and other employees. The ease of making an email commitment and subsequently, an automatic payment made it that much easier for our employees to donate. It’s fantastic to have an opportunity to bring together our drivers and support staff to benefit a cause such as Make-A-Wish. Introducing this giving element to our company BBQs was an added benefit as it boosted our team spirit and camaraderie.

4. What did your colleagues have to say about the partnership with Make-A-Wish?
We definitely noted an increase in positive feedback during our 25th Anniversary BBQ held in September 2018. We had the unique opportunity to introduce our charitable partners, customers, vendors, staff, and the Mayor of Mississauga to one another. We were able to showcase our commitment to our community.

5. The future of our partnership
We are so grateful that we have been able to participate in the Adopt-A-Wish program with Make-A-Wish. Over the last two years we have helped grant wishes to two amazing wish children: Aaryan and Aarav. And as our partnership continues to grow, we are looking forward to granting a wish to a child in 2019.