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Delainey's wish brings her joy and comfort

Delainey is a happy, bubbly child whose smile lights up the room. Her medical condition causes seizures, and lowers her immunity to viruses and infections. She wished for something that would bring her much needed comfort and joy at home.

Delainey wished to have a “big girl bed”, one that...

Tony’s dream room becomes a reality

Tony was diagnosed with leukemia at age ten and the intense chemotherapy treatment he underwent led to liver damage. In 2015, Tony received a life-saving liver transplant.

After years spent in hospital rooms and days filled with medical appointments, Tony’s one true wish was for a bedroom that could be his...

The Force is With Sean's New Star Wars Room

Sean was born with a heart condition that meant he required a transplant. Although he was given a generous donation from an organ donor, the road to recovery was oftentimes slow and frightening. But just like any young boy, Sean liked to travel to far away galaxies using his imagination...