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A Spunky Gymnast Meets a Seafaring Princess

Mina is an active, energetic nine-year-old who loves gym class. When she’s not swimming, dancing, doing gymnastics or practicing piano, she can be found playing card games with her close-knit family.

Mina was diagnosed with cancer and has undergone chemotherapy, which has resulted in low energy and ongoing pain. This...

Nicole’s Wish is The Perfect Escape

Nicole is a shy, smart kid who loves art and dreams of travelling to many different countries in the future. About two and a half years ago, Nicole wasn’t feeling well and experienced a few fevers. After several hospital visits and medical tests, it was discovered that she had leukemia....

Luke's Trip on a Big Cruise Ship

When we met Luke and his family we got an immediate feeling that they were a close knit family who loved each other tremendously. Luke bravely battled a rare form of childhood cancer and while his family’s world was turned upside down, they stayed strong and looked forward to a happier...

Sunny’s wish empowered him to take his future into his own hands

  • sunny, my life now

In 1996, Sunny was a typical teenager, attenging high school and playing sports, when his carefree life was turned upside down. Twenty years later, in his own words, he shares the impact his wish had during the most difficult time of his life.

“That spring, I started noticing pain in...

Juliana's magical journey

Name: Juliana