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A Magical Vacation for Elyse

Elyse's magical journey began with the VIP treatment in a limousine ride to the airport. Before her flight began, Elyse had the chance to meet the plane's pilot in the cockpit, and even got to sit in the co-pilot's seat! Once her family arrived in Walt Disney World...

The Force is With Sean's New Star Wars Room

Sean was born with a heart condition that meant he required a transplant. Although he was given a generous donation from an organ donor, the road to recovery was oftentimes slow and frightening. But just like any young boy, Sean liked to travel to far away galaxies using his imagination...

Owen Wishes To Be a Firefighter

Owen was born with a life-threatening and underdeveloped heart condition. As a result, he went thru several open-heart surgeries and procedures since birth. But that had no impact on all the love in Owen’s little heart. He shared a lot of that affection with his grandfather, a retired firefighter. Owen...