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Ethan's wish was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation

Ethan loves gym class, science fiction movies and pepperoni pizza. He’s a lot like other kids his age, except that he lives with a rare neuromuscular disorder that has affected him all his life. Ethan has endured more medical procedures than most people will experience in a lifetime and he struggles with the...

A life-changing wish is granted to Yugh from Nunavut

Make-A-Wish grants wishes to children from all provinces and territories, from big cities to small towns and everywhere in between.

We were thrilled to grant our first wish to a child living in Nunavut last year. 

Yugh loves watching WWE® and wished to meet his favourite Superstar, John Cena. Yugh...

A Young Film Buff Enjoys His Dream Vacation

Darcy is a spirited, creative, fashion-forward kid who has a wide variety of interests. He rocks the colour pink, has his own YouTube channel (where he gives audiences helpful tips and tricks about video gaming), loves swimming, dodgeball, and playing the harmonica.

Darcy lives with a progressive neuromuscular disorder, but...

Brayden's Wish Inspires His Community

Brayden’s medical condition causes progressive muscle weakness. He is able to walk, but tires easily from the physical exertion. Despite this, Brayden is a very active child who loves the outdoors. He is fascinated by ATVs, ambulances, and like many kids his age, he loves firetrucks. 

To Go See Macaws in Their Natural Habitat

Zachary loves animals, and will tell you that his favourite bird is the scarlet macaw. Having always dreamed of visiting macaws in their natural habitat, Zachary chose to travel to Panama City to visit the rainforest for his wish. Panama City is located an hour drive away from the natural...

Rebecca's Wish to go to Paris, France

Rebecca is a very accomplished artist, which shows in her sketches and also in her photography. What better place to visit in Paris than the Louvre.  Rebecca and her family were able to spend hours admiring not only the marvellous paintings in the Louvre, but also the immense building itself,...