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Sofia Celebrates Her Birthday in Hawaii

Sofia is a charismatic and adventurous teenager who loves soccer, dogs and sushi. She is currently in remission after four rounds of chemotherapy and her health has improved greatly. She will continue her bi-annual checkups to ensure that she’s cancer-free.

Sofia knew that she wanted a tropical travel wish. She...

A Unique Wish Fit for a Foodie

Arden is a thoughtful and creative kid who loves manga (a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels), art, building LEGO, and most importantly – he’s a big foodie!

Arden’s taste buds were affected by his oncology treatments, and he noticed he had a heightened appreciation for food once...

A Spunky Gymnast Meets a Seafaring Princess

Mina is an active, energetic nine-year-old who loves gym class. When she’s not swimming, dancing, doing gymnastics or practicing piano, she can be found playing card games with her close-knit family.

Mina was diagnosed with cancer and has undergone chemotherapy, which has resulted in low energy and ongoing pain. This...

Hockey Superfan Meets His Favourite NHL Team

Elliot was born with a heart condition that required surgery. His disease is degenerative and more surgeries may be necessary in the future. His recovery has prevented him from playing hockey, and he can’t wait to return to the ice soon. Elliot's favourite NHL team is the LA Kings and he has...

A life-changing wish is granted to Yugh from Nunavut

Make-A-Wish grants wishes to children from all provinces and territories, from big cities to small towns and everywhere in between.

We were thrilled to grant our first wish to a child living in Nunavut last year. 

Yugh loves watching WWE® and wished to meet his favourite Superstar, John Cena. Yugh...

Oliver's wish inspires him to help more kids with critical illnesses

Sometimes in life, we are faced with obstacles. Some harder than others, and some scarier than the next. But it’s how we face those obstacles that is often the greatest challenge. For wish kid, Oliver, obstacles present themselves far too often.

Oliver, 8, lives with osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic disorder...

Kate's Wish Boosts Her Confidence

Kate is a creative soul who loves to paint and perform on the ice rink as a figure skater. She also loves shopping and is excited to start high school next year. Her wish was inspired by this momentous occasion.

Kate was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disorder at the age...

Lauren’s wish changed her mindset

At the early age of one-and-a-half, Lauren was diagnosed with an urea cycle disorder (a type of genetic disorder) and missed out on much of her childhood. While other kids had play dates at the park, she spent a great portion of her early years in a hospital room. 


A Young Film Buff Enjoys His Dream Vacation

Darcy is a spirited, creative, fashion-forward kid who has a wide variety of interests. He rocks the colour pink, has his own YouTube channel (where he gives audiences helpful tips and tricks about video gaming), loves swimming, dodgeball, and playing the harmonica.

Darcy lives with a progressive neuromuscular disorder, but...

Sean's California Dream Comes True

Sean lives with a medical condition that causes frequent headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and blood clots. He spends much of his time relaxing at home, playing video games and watching movies.

Sean became fascinated with Alcatraz and his interest in the site inspired his wish. Sean and his mother traveled...