The Force is With Sean's New Star Wars Room

Sean was born with a heart condition that meant he required a transplant. Although he was given a generous donation from an organ donor, the road to recovery was oftentimes slow and frightening. But just like any young boy, Sean liked to travel to far away galaxies using his imagination and from his love of everything Star Wars.

On his wish day, the IKEA experts got to work on Sean’s room while he enjoyed a fun-filled experience at the Science Centre. When it was time for the big reveal, Sean was blown away to see Darth Vader standing in his newly themed Star Wars room – equipped with a personalized mural and laptop from Sony. It was truly a wish come true.

After Sean’s wish was fulfilled, retiring to his bedroom always transports him to a special place – not only to a far away galaxy, but also to a world filled with hope and where wishes are answered.

“Sean walked around in a daze after his wish. He told us that he knew he was getting a new bedroom, but had no idea that Darth Vadar was coming too! ”

You can make a wish like Sean’s come true.

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