To Go See Macaws in Their Natural Habitat

Zachary loves animals, and will tell you that his favourite bird is the scarlet macaw. Having always dreamed of visiting macaws in their natural habitat, Zachary chose to travel to Panama City to visit the rainforest for his wish. Panama City is located an hour drive away from the natural habitat for macaws which provided easy access for Zachary and his family to visit several times. The highlight of the trip happened when a blue macaw chose to personally say hello to Zachary by perching on his left arm! Zachary's face lit up with joy and is still his favourite memory from the trip.

Zachary used to worry that his wheelchair would prevent him from visiting the rainforest; however, it proved to be quite useful when meeting macaws! Zachary plans to visit Panama again in the future and hopes to one day work with animals for a career.

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