Liam's Cooking Themed Trip to England

Mylodysplasia Syndrome is a rare form of blood cancer and before his wish Liam had received a bone marrow transplant and was undergoing chemo therapy.

Liam has a great love and passion for cooking and his cooking idol is Jamie Oliver. This played a huge part in Liam’s decision for what he wanted his wish to be. He wanted to be able to travel to where his idol is from and attend a cooking class at one of his schools! During his trip to London, Liam travelled around the city on top of a double decker bus seeing all the sights but the highlight of his visit was the day he spent at the Jamie Oliver School of Cooking learning to how to make fresh pasta. 

The wish was truly a wonderful and exciting experience for Liam, he has dreams of writing his own Cook Book one day. This Wish has definitely set him on his path for his future and given him the inspiration that he needed to get through this difficult year.

“I want to become a Chef like Jamie Oliver and cook healthy and tasty foods”.  - Liam


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