Liam's Got Talent

More than anything else Liam wanted meet the judges of America’s Got Talent and sit in the audience while they tapped the show. Liam’s wish started with a backstage tour of the set of America’s Got Talent, and then it was time to meet the judges. Liam walked right up to Howie and gave him a huge hug. The judges spent a few minutes talking to Liam and his family. The highlight of the trip was when Liam got to hit the buzzer and take a photo with the judges. Once their photo was take Liam and his family settled into the VIP box to watch the show, Liam smiled the entire time.

"It was amazing to see Liam's dream come true as he was able to meet his Idol. He was so thrilled and words can never express what a memory you have created for him and all of us."

~Kim, Liam’s Mom


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