Lilyanna's wish makes her feel like royalty

Lilyanna is a playful kid who enjoys theme park rides and all things Disney®. Watching her favourite Disney princess movies, like Beauty and the Beast, help Lilyanna cope during her most challenging days.

Lilyanna lives with a rare nervous system disorder that causes her to take shallow breaths, resulting in a shortage of oxygen and a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood. She requires a ventilator when she sleeps and needs constant monitoring.

When Lilyanna learned she was eligible for a wish, she wished to go to Walt Disney World® Resort to meet Princess Belle.

Lilyanna’s royal treatment began with a limousine ride to the airport, and an announcement from the pilot to the entire plane that they had a special guest on board. With everyone clapping as her name was announced, Lilyanna felt like a real princess.

On their first day in Florida, the family went to Walt Disney World for story time with Belle. Lilyanna was speechless when she finally met Belle. It was a dream come true!

The family had an unforgettable vacation filled with laughter and joy. Lilyanna’s wish trip was exactly what she and her family needed – time spent together creating unforgettable memories.

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