Owen Wishes To Be a Firefighter

Owen was born with a life-threatening and underdeveloped heart condition. As a result, he went thru several open-heart surgeries and procedures since birth. But that had no impact on all the love in Owen’s little heart. He shared a lot of that affection with his grandfather, a retired firefighter. Owen was always fascinated with fire trucks and firefighters and so, his wish was born.

In April of 2012, Make-A-Wish came to Owen’s door with a toy fire truck and other firefighter accessories. Owen was introduced to Shaun who would be his firefighter guide on his big day. The next morning, a brand new red fire truck from the Central York Fire Department picked Owen up. He was given a complete firefighter’s uniform and spent the day ‘training’ with Shaun. Owen never felt so alive..

There are no words to describe what this experience meant to Owen and his family. But one thing’s for certain – this moment changed Owen’s life forever and he now has something to live for.

“Whenever Owen has a bad day, we pop in the video of his wish day, and he gets excited and happy all over again. We feel inspired for Owen’s future. Watching so many others volunteer to help make this day special for Owen has made us stronger.”

~Laura, Owen’s Mom

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