Roarke’s trip to the most magical place on earth

Name: Roarke

Age: 4

Medical condition: Blood disorder

Wish: I wish to go to Walt Disney World

Wish date: April 2016


Roarke has a blood disorder which requires that he be very careful not to bump or hurt himself while playing. This is a challenge for a young boy, but his illness does not get in the way of his tremendous imagination and energy for “make believe” and his love of Mickey Mouse.  


It was no surprise that Roarke’s wish was to go to Walt Disney World® Resort so that he could go “super-fast” on roller coasters and meet Mickey Mouse in real life.  


Together with mom, dad and little brother Reid, a very excited Roarke started his trip by flying in an airplane to Orlando, Florida. Once at Disney World, he was thrilled to meet Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater and to experience more magical moments than he could count. And he had his chance to go “super-fast” on all of the amazing rides in the Magic Kingdom.


Thank you to all those who helped to fulfill Roarke’s magical wish.

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