Sean's California Dream Comes True

Sean lives with a medical condition that causes frequent headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and blood clots. He spends much of his time relaxing at home, playing video games and watching movies.

Sean became fascinated with Alcatraz and his interest in the site inspired his wish. Sean and his mother traveled to San Francisco and enjoyed exploring the city during their five day stay. They went to a San Jose Sharks hockey game, visited Muir Woods, and spent hours exploring numerous museums and exhibits.

The highlight of the trip for Sean was, of course, the visit to Alcatraz. He said he knew so much about it before he went and “seeing it in person was just unbelievable.” Sean said for the entire trip he couldn’t stop smiling.

Sean’s mom said it was the first time in years that the two of them could just enjoy themselves and stop thinking of health issues and concerns.

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