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Owen's Wish Has a Lasting Impact

Owen was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which means that part of his heart is underdeveloped. He has undergone five open-heart surgeries and had a stroke as a newborn. Despite these challenges, there’s no limit to how much love Owen’s heart can hold.

When Owen was three, his parents...

Lauren’s wish changed her mindset

At the early age of one-and-a-half, Lauren was diagnosed with an urea cycle disorder (a type of genetic disorder) and missed out on much of her childhood. While other kids had play dates at the park, she spent a great portion of her early years in a hospital room. 


Hailey’s wish inspired her to go after what she wants

Hailey is an accomplished young woman who has always found time in her busy life to make a difference. As the Communications Coordinator for Corporate Citizenship at TD Bank Group, the 25-year-old is building a career in a field that is meaningful and has a positive impact on her community....

Sunny’s wish empowered him to take his future into his own hands

  • sunny, my life now

In 1996, Sunny was a typical teenager, attenging high school and playing sports, when his carefree life was turned upside down. Twenty years later, in his own words, he shares the impact his wish had during the most difficult time of his life.

“That spring, I started noticing pain in...

Mariana's Wish Helped Her Find Purpose

For Mariana, her wish to go on a cruise in 2013 was about more than simply having a dream fulfilled; it was a life-changing experience.

Born in Mexico, Mariana moved with her family to Canada as a young child. Learning English as a second language, she struggled to fit in due...